Perfumed Alphabet: Y is for Ylang-Ylang

walking bridges


Intoxicated though sober,

My senses are taken over

By the heady, narcotic smell

Of ylang-ylang as it quells

Any doubt about its power,

Though it be a humble flower.


Sharp, yet honeyed, like fruit ripened;

Soft like wrinkled, yellow satin.

Awake on hot and humid nights

It breathes lush with tropical might.

In perfume, you’ll know its presence—

So impassioned is this essence!



Le Labo Ylang 49 is, hands down, one of my favorite perfumes. It’s a gorgeous symphony of many ingredients (48, dare I say) other than ylang-ylang, all playing their part in the composition of this “chypre floral.” Yet, nothing quite compares to the pure, voluptuous essential oil of ylang-ylang extra, which is the finest distillation. Sweet but never cloying, you can practically smell the radiant, unapologetic yellowness of it.

Do you have a yen for any ylang perfumes in particular?






6 thoughts on “Perfumed Alphabet: Y is for Ylang-Ylang

    1. Thank you, and it’s not a bad mood to be in! I wonder whether you will find Ylang 49 reminiscent of Eau Capitale (the latter reminded me of the former, but I didn’t get to spend enough time with it to be sure).

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