Baby, it’s cold outside…

…which means it’s worth an effort to stay warm inside with a favorite perfume!

And what better to kick off a snowy season than a puzzle full of words for warm things, mostly fragrant?!





2. Also known as prickly juniper
4. A catch-all term for a warm note that may be “yellow” or “gray”
8. “Pro _____”: Latin phrase from which the word “perfume” is derived, meaning “through smoke”
9. A characteristic of “oriental” fragrances that may be achieved using, for example, nutmeg or cloves
10. The civet has been exploited for both perfume and this beverage


1. Like direct sunlight, a factor that can cause degradation of perfume
3. An annual herb that is sometimes credited with improving lactation and often smells like maple syrup
5. Generic term for an animalic note sometimes reminiscent of human skin
6. Distilled from fungus-infected heartwood, this very expensive oil can be polarizing
among perfume lovers
7. A tree that yields tar when its bark is dry distilled, as done possibly by Neanderthals


If you “really can’t stay,” here’s the solution






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