Perfumed Alphabet: F is for Fenugreek

Patrick Roger chocolate sculpture
Chocolate sculpture by Patrick Roger


Is that maple syrup I smell?

No, there are only legumes here.

Are you sure it’s not caramel?

Only seeds from a pod, you hear?


That’s the magic of fenugreek,

A Mediterranean plant;

If increased lactation you seek,

Maybe it helps. Maybe it can’t.


It feels at home in the kitchen—

As a spice, it mimics curry.

From cow feed and folk medicine

It’s moved into perfumery.



I’m stumped. I haven’t smelled any marketed perfumes that contain fenugreek that I remember. From my previous experience playing with it in a blend, I know it’s a strong and dominant note. Do you know and love any perfumes featuring fenugreek?






9 thoughts on “Perfumed Alphabet: F is for Fenugreek

    1. I just discovered your perfume poetry as well! What a creative and refreshing way to express how a perfume makes you feel.
      And yes, the perfume blogosphere is a wonderful world of its own.


    1. The list on Fragrantica isn’t as long as for some other ingredients, not surprisingly—but Tom Ford Santal Blush, Guerlain Rose Barbare, Comme des Garcons Series Luxe: Patchouli, and Lush Never Ever Om are on it. I would imagine those are among the easier ones to get to, though I haven’t yet.


        1. It really is quite an enigma, because the maple syrup/caramel/toffee smell is strong, but it doesn’t let you forget that it’s a plant, either—with the woodiness of those hard, inedible shells of some dried fruits, or a brown paper bag, in a good way.

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