Perfumed Alphabet: J is for Juniper Berry

not juniper berries
Not juniper berries


Perhaps more popular in gin,

Juniper berry sits atop

Fougères and some bright, “masculine”

Perfumes where sharpness hits the spot.


It’s more of a spice than a fruit.

Aromatic in a piney

Way. To me, lemony—that’s moot.

It’s pungent. Keep the dose tiny.


The extract is thick and yellow,

Though most of the “berries” are blue.

Within seed cones on trees they grow.

Junipers are evergreen, too.



Juniper berry is a challenging ingredient for me, as I haven’t been able to get it to work well in a blend. Of examples I’ve smelled, I wasn’t too keen on Maison Francis Kurkdjian Gentle fluidity (Silver) or Le Labo’s new Baie 19, and was surprised to see it in Atelier Cologne Clémentine California (my favorite from the house so far—but it’s mostly orangey and woody).

What are your favorite perfumes with juniper berry?






2 thoughts on “Perfumed Alphabet: J is for Juniper Berry

  1. Many perfumes have this note listed, but none of those I recognize from the list seem to be juniper-centric. The only one I could think of is Gucci Rush for Men. I absolutely loved it!


    1. The Fragrantica list didn’t include Frederic Malle Angeliques Sous La Pluie, which is practically gin in a (perfume) bottle. No wonder I managed to forget about that one while writing this, even though I have a mini!


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