Perfumed Alphabet: L is for Lavender



It’s versatile, familiar—

A smell most people recognize—

Yet surprisingly trickier

To work with than one might realize.

I’ve heard this is because one batch

Varies from the next; they don’t match.


It’s associated with calm.

No wonder lavender is found

In several products, from balm

To pillow stuffing, and you’re bound

To encounter it in perfume.

In many genres it’s subsumed.



Luxury or practicality? Floral or medicinal? Classic or contemporary? Do you have preferred lavender fragrances?






9 thoughts on “Perfumed Alphabet: L is for Lavender

  1. My absolute favorite would have to be the original Yardley English lavender, vintage formula as current is awful. I also love Eden Botanicals lavender absolute essential oil. And St Clair Scent First Cut which combines lavender with hay and other notes. It’s a small artisanal line run by one woman and I highly recommend all her offerings. I do like Pour Un Homme but it’s a very gourmand lavender on my skin.


    1. Oh I thought of another lavender gourmand I really like from Kyse Perfumes, the perfumer pairs lavender with shortbread… the name escapes me but it smells scrumptious


    2. I smelled some Yardley English Lavender in an antique store once, but don’t know how vintage (or not) it was. Have heard great things about St Clair so will have to try the line when I get a chance.


  2. I LOVE lavender, in all forms including perfumes.

    My most favorite lavender perfume is hard to recommend for testing: it’s extremely rare (in terms of going to the store and testing it) and very expensive to buy a sample. Perfume itself is also not cheap but not completely out there compared to many modern high-end perfumes. After such introduction, finally, the name: Lieber Gustav by Krigler.

    My second favorite would be even more obscure: Kiki by vero profumo: it’s next to impossible to get after the perfumer’s passing away.

    An easier obtainable, SL Gris Clair.

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  3. I am no lavender lover, but I like Covet and Fourreau Noir, I tried to love Caron Pour Une Homme, but the vanilla and lavender combo was a no for me


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