Perfumed Alphabet: W is for Whisk(e)y



Non, non, non, non… je n’suis pas saoule,

I protest, like in the French song—

I’m not intoxicated, fool!

It may smell like it, but you’re wrong.

That’s the strong whisky note in my

Perfume—here, you give it a try.


It adds flair to warm, woody scents

And smooths out some eager spices.

Reserved, but with a social bent,

It nods to dimly lit vices.

Perfumes that use this fantasy

Accord look its color, aptly.



I had to stretch my imagination a bit with this one, as the only whisk(e)y perfume I can recall having tried is Commodity Whiskey; that was a few years ago and I don’t remember it well. I know what whisky smells like, though! (Bananas, more often than not…) There seem to be a lot of perfumes out there with this note, and I was amused to find that 2 of them feature in Sarah McCartney’s book Four Fragrant Mysteries, a delightful collection of short “cozy mysteries” written with quirky humor that I thoroughly enjoyed. I have yet to smell the corresponding fragrances, including the 2 with whisky: 4160Tuesdays Up the Apples & Pears and The Buddhawood Box.

What whisk(e)y perfumes do you wear?






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