It’s fall, y’all! Who’s feeling puzzled?

Fall is my favorite season—the leaves change into a gorgeous symphony of color, and the cooler (but not yet cold) temperatures allow for more cozy dressing and stylish accessorizing. This time last year, we were visiting good friends in Montréal who had just moved there and were enjoying their first Canadian Thanksgiving (which coincides with Columbus Day in the United States). We had hoped that the border would have reopened by now, but instead, they are in partial lockdown again.

It’s been a while since I made a crossword puzzle, so here’s one for a bit of cheering up.


2. Something that is usually sipped, but used to be added to the Roman Renaissance perfume Frangipani to make it longer lasting

3. What rises when something is burned

6. A grass whose roots yield an essence with a deep, earthy aroma; a popular base note

7. A tree whose sap is usually made into a product that fenugreek can smell like

8. An effect that aldehydes can impart (adj.)

9. A cool spice from the aromatic flower buds of a plant native to Indonesia


1. The texture of some musks, or a certain red cake with cream cheese frosting

2. Many powerful aromachemicals with “trigeminal effects” are in this fragrance family

4. An accessory note often associated with candy or Mexican hot chocolate

5. A fall foliage color and a citrus fruit

If you feel you’re going round and round the wheel, here’s the solution.

5 thoughts on “It’s fall, y’all! Who’s feeling puzzled?

    1. Crosswords are so useful for learning new words and trivia, aren’t they? I wonder if anyone makes jigsaws with magnetic pieces so that they can be done vertically, to relieve the neck strain…


  1. I was just discussing it with a friend yesterday: as much as I like different puzzles, I seem to have lost my interest in crosswords.
    Still, fun idea. I guessed probably just half of it. Should take a look again once I had my coffee :).

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    1. I used to do crosswords all the time as a kid, and later as an adult only occasionally when they appeared in front of me, such as in airplane magazines. So I haven’t done one in ages either. I’ve completed a few jigsaw puzzles, though. What kind of puzzles do you like?


      1. I love jigsaw puzzles, especially those mystery murder ones, but we usually do those when we go somewhere with friends for 3-4 days since at home my cat wouldn’t tolerate those pieces anywhere within his reach :). In addition, I like all kinds of quizzes-type puzzles – finding matching/unmatching elements, numerical and logical ones.

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