#smellfie for International Fragrance Day

Today, March 21, is International Fragrance Day. It’s been a beautiful weekend and yesterday we were able to spend an afternoon on a beach. A lot of dogs were running around off leash, which was nice to see as they are not allowed during peak season. This seagull posed patiently in front of me without seeming to demand food, so it got to be the model for my #smellfie.

That’s all for now.

11 thoughts on “#smellfie for International Fragrance Day

  1. Beautiful shot! I would have cropped it differently though: I know that portrait layout is unpopular now (though, magazine ads are still mostly done that way), so maybe not portrait, but if to make it square – so that only a bottle and a seagull are in the frame (and hills on the right), but no people, the picture would look even more descriptive. But this is just an idea. Great picture anyway.


    1. Thanks! That would make sense to showcase the perfume—I wanted to show the more complete picture that included the houses on the cliff and people walking their dog (which is a no-no in the summers). Interesting that portrait orientation for pictures is less popular now, because vertical videos are gaining in popularity!—for ads, anyway, because people don’t want to rotate their phones to watch an ad like they would for a movie.


        1. Not really so far—I just buy what I like. Wouldn’t want to become someone who obsesses over completing a “collection” for the sake of it.
          What’s yours based on?


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