Perfumed Alphabet: A is for Aldehyde*

A bubble bursting

Through the skin of an orange

The brut champagne, please

*Aldehyde C12 MNA, one of the more citrusy aldehydes. To my nose, it approaches full of airy fizz, similar to a seltzer on the tongue. In blends, it easily becomes soapy if the concentration is even a bit too high. The recommended maximum concentration in perfume is 0.2%. At low doses, it adds lift and brightness.

4 thoughts on “Perfumed Alphabet: A is for Aldehyde*

  1. I had a deja vu feeling… but then I checked and confirmed that you actually did that alphabet thingy before 🙂 I like recurring themes, so I’m glad you’re doing it again.

    Is it a hibiscus flower in your champagne? (I have a jar somewhere for this purpose – and completely forgot about it)

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    1. Both series have in common that they were started spontaneously without any idea of how they would continue!
      That is indeed a hibiscus flower—it was at a bar a couple of years ago, but I have seen jars of those flowers sold next to the sparkling wines in larger liquor stores. It adds a nice touch!

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