Forever dusk (Nuit de Megève by Eight & Bob)

I have never been to the Alpine ski resort village of Megève, so I had no preconceived notions of how Eight & Bob Nuit de Megève might smell. It was the second fragrance in the discovery kit I had purchased to capture my attention, after Cap d’Antibes.

It opened with a note that I perceive as coriander, which may be phantosmia on my part because I smell it also in Ramon Monegal Umbra and Parle Moi de Parfum Woody Perfecto 107. Based on listed notes these perfumes have in common, I’m guessing it might be vetiver and tonka, both trusty companions for the coffee note that Nuit de Megève includes in its heart. I wish the coffee note were amplified as I can barely detect it, but it might be a very different fragrance then.

The impression I get is: dusk.

Although listed top notes are grapefruit, petitgrain, and clove buds, thankfully none of these are strong on their own. Each could easily be obnoxious, but the first two work together in the background to brighten the composition. They are like the last streak of sunlight behind the clouds as the day comes to a close (far too early for my liking in the northeastern United States this time of year). The clove adds to the duskiness with some gentle weight without overpowering. I can believe the creators captured “the mountain’s air” per the brand’s description.

Orris adds a smoothness, but of a more transparent rather than powdery sort. Tobacco is listed as a base note, and together with the other darker notes, the combination lends a gravitas to Nuit de Megève as it settles down, perhaps into a comfortable chair it does not intend to vacate anytime soon. The scent becomes rather linear quickly, not so different from how it opened; staying clean, stable, and reliable on skin and clothing, locked in by a layer of soft musk. The night never truly falls—this fragrance hovers over dusk for as long as I can smell it.

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