Rose salt or salty rose?

Yesterday was the day it was my turn to get the COVID vaccine booster—and the flu vaccine. A bit late to the game in the United States, but it wasn’t very convenient without mass sites taking walk-ins, and appointments were booked at least 2 weeks in advance. I chose to get both in the same arm, and apparently most people do.

The cocktail knocked me out for the first half of today, and I woke up feeling stiff, but that was probably from sleeping too long. All good now.

I don’t remember what perfumes I wore for my first 2 doses of the COVID vaccine this year. Probably something from my Floraïku discovery set. Possibly The Moon and I for the first one because it doesn’t last and I was a bit concerned about not bothering anyone else with my fragrance.

Yesterday, I happened to wear a sample of Maison Crivelli Rose SaltifOlia. It smells true to its name: a salty rose centifolia soliflore. It’s more than that, though, as it is luminous by way of the fruity, spicy facet of pink pepper—I didn’t recognize the ingredient, but I certainly felt its effect. For me, this is a rose perfume first and foremost, made more interesting by the accompanying marine tones, rather than an aquatic rose. I don’t perceive the supporting woods and musks by themselves, but they form a smooth, well-blended base to the shimmering rose that continued to sparkle well into the night after a whole day of wear.

To my mind, the color is more scarlet than crimson, and the texture more satin than velvet. Rose SaltifOlia evokes a sunny, breezy day at the beach.

One thought on “Rose salt or salty rose?

  1. It sounds interesting: I like many rose perfumes, and I like the idea of salty rose.

    My booster shot resulted in a scent-free day after a sleepless night. But 48 hours later I’m completely fine (and wearing perfume 🙂 ).

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