Musings on work and fragrance

This month is the first time I’ve gone back to the office a few times a week since around Thanksgiving last year (when Omicron, bad weather, and personal inertia started to deter me once again). Absorbing the energy, opinions, and general presence (in its fullest sense) of others in real time again has taken me a surprising amount of mental adjustment. Some of that is related to FOMO, my worst internal enemy, which rears its ugly head from time to time. The rest of it is probably mundane and more about breaking and building habits.

I’ve been conscious about not wearing any strong perfumes to the office, and my sample of Hermès Hermessence Osmanthe Yunnan has made several appearances, growing on me since the first try with its tea-forward, optimistic apricot notes of floral freshness. However, it always lingers on a slightly harsh facet that many white floral fragrances seem to carry.

Recently, all employees in my building received a formal email requesting those on 2 particular floors to refrain from using any scented products because of people experiencing sensitivities and the possibility of severe adverse reactions. Fortunately, this did not include my floor; if it did, I might be inclined to work from home more than I already do. This week has been so atypically busy that I have been mostly glued to my laptop at home, despite having a relatively short commute.

During this time, I’ve worn a lot of my sample of Maison Crivelli Hibiscus MahaJád, from which I have gotten better at recognizing the hibiscus note. Its level of concentration rivals mine as I zone in to my work with laser focus…

On my trip to New York City this past weekend, I got to try a hibiscus taco at a Mexican restaurant in SoHo called Casa Mezcal. Admittedly not very photogenic, it was richly flavored and the taste and texture reminded me of jackfruit, another plant sometimes used as a creative meat substitute in hipster dishes. I might have seasoned it more lightly if I’d had a say, but I’m all for it.

Hibiscus taco

May the little innovations continue as we strive to do better for the environment and our fellow human beings.

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