Green perfumes for a busy week

Sometimes the timing of things happen to work out. When I was sick with “the ‘vid'” as my other half’s parents like to call it, 2 weeks ago, work happened to be slow, and I could afford naps. After the Memorial Day holiday, it suddenly became very busy. I’m knackered (as my British friends would say) after an exhausting week, during which I’ve mostly kept my perfumes green, my wines orange, and my films… noir.

Eyes in the Night (1942) is a mystery thriller featuring a blind detective and his extremely talented seeing-eye dog, a German Shepherd named Friday. The dog gets a lot of screen time and performs several stunts, making the film a real treat regardless of the somewhat predictable plot sequence of uncovering and foiling a Nazi scheme. Friday’s only weakness is an allergy to roses—he can’t resist sniffing them, but what follows is always a bout of sneezing!

Screenshots from Eyes in the Night

My perfume lineup this week has included Masque Milano Ray-Flection for a lively, dark-green tang; Chanel No 19 for some galbanum courage and iris maturity to get on with it; Tom Ford Ombré Leather Parfum for a touch of cool green from the violet leaf top note; and finally, Elizabeth Arden Green Tea, a classic summer freshie that seems to have made a comeback recently in perfume forums.

Back in my days of serial perfume monogamy, while still a student, I considered adopting Green Tea as a next signature scent. However, I never quite convinced myself that it could be the one, even after several trips past the counter at Macy’s, surreptitiously spraying myself with the tester and walking away before a sales associate could trap me. Recently, I came across it at a Macy’s Backstage, steeply discounted, and snatched up a bottle. The box notes that it “Contains green tea.”

I can smell why I never committed to it. It’s pleasant, but lacks distinctive features. It seems to disappear quickly on me. But that’s OK—like a beverage diluted with too much ice, it may be just the thing for a hot day without much of an agenda. I think I’ll put it in the fridge to enhance its cooling effect.

So glad it’s Friday!

4 thoughts on “Green perfumes for a busy week

  1. I loved this: “galbanum courage and iris maturity”! And “the ‘vid” is perfect – thank you for sharing it 🙂

    Green Tea was one of perfumes I liked and wore in my pre-perfumista days. I would still like to have some – if I could get it the way it was 20 years ago.

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  2. Love EA Green Tea & many of its flankers. Perfect hot weather cooler. The Lavender flanker is just the thing for those hot, humid nights when the air is still, as a bed time cooler. Along with a fan & assuming the naked starfish position to sleep. I consider it murder prevention as my DH snores at Olympic standard during the summer pollen season

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    1. A light bedtime cooler scent sounds like a great idea. Pollen is the worst! I could probably starfish for a while to cool down but wouldn’t be able to fall asleep until I roll onto my side. I’m sure there are psychological explanations out there for that, although to me it’s just a physical habit!


  3. Fantastic perfume choices! Green Tea is a great cheapie. Ray-Flection is a splendid choice for the warmer weather. I went through a couple of samples this past summer. I’m not usually a fan of honey in fragrances, but I enjoy the way it’s blended in the Masque Milano.

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