I know what I’m smelling now.

I smell it here, I smell it there;
Baccarat Rouge smells everywhere!
Is it scent heaven? Is it scent hell?
That ubiquitous salty smell!

—My parody of the famous verse from The Scarlet Pimpernel

Mystery solved. I was finally able to ask someone wearing that perfume I was smelling everywhere what it was. The wearer also told me it had gone viral on TikTok.

I had smelled Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 a few years ago and remembered only that it was too rich and sweet for me, so I didn’t spend time with the blotter until the drydown. No wonder I did not recognize the nuclear sillage.

The brand’s website lists the “olfactory notes” in this order: Hedione, Ambroxan, cedar from Virginia, and saffron. I have read elsewhere that Evernyl is also a main note. Just for fun, I dipped some paper strips in those 3 aromachemicals and waved them together—it started to take the shape of that scent cloud I’ve encountered in a wide range of temperatures without much change.

The end.

7 thoughts on “I know what I’m smelling now.

  1. I’m positive that I tried it (on paper) when it came out, but I didn’t like it, and since I don’t like the perfumer, and I prefer his creations for other brands, I never went back to smell it again.


  2. Never, ever have I smelt RB540!
    It does read as my borderline hell. Saffron is not my friend, ambroxan in large amounts drills a hole though the top of my mouth. No idea why but it attacks my sinuses.
    Where evernyl has been subbed for all the oakmoss is my favourite chypres I get an overwhelming texture of greasiness. I mourn the death of Aromatic Elixir & Azuree particularly.


    1. When I first smelled Ambroxan (by itself) about 3 years ago, I really liked it. Then after a year or so I found that I couldn’t stand it. Not sure why. Now I think I’m ok with it in moderation. I hope you’re able to avoid it if it has such a nasty effect.


      1. Why has this “beast mode” trend come about? Perfume used to be worn subtly, an invitation for intimates to get closer. I know the 80s powerhouse scents probably started it but even then there was a backlash in restaurants & bars.
        Now it seems it isn’t what the scent smells like, more a question of, can I be smelt from a mile away? Frequently, it seems to be a male attitude but not always.

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