I Was Wrong About Cardamom

A few perfumes have disagreed

With me; from their notes lists I found

The culprit, or so I believed.

Cardamom, I wrote with a frown.

But this cool spice kept showing up

In fragrances I loved and liked.

The evidence became enough

To convince me it was maligned.

As I got to know it better

In food, in drink, and on its own

I realized with joy unfettered

That cardamom is friend, not foe!

So… what, then, was the guilty note?

Another popular spice: clove!

4 thoughts on “I Was Wrong About Cardamom

  1. A cute resolution to a spicy problem.
    Clove – dental pain & mouthwash or glorious carnation. I’m never sure which one I’ll get. A rare note now as the aromachemical is allowed in only homeopathic doses now.
    Turn the clock back & original & 80’s Opium has a bucketful, so does Guerlain Terracotta Voile d’Ete. A carnation bomb!

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