A perfumed year: 2022 retrospective

I didn’t set any perfumed resolutions for this year, so I have none to say I achieved or broke, but this was the first year that I recorded my “scent of the day” each day. It wasn’t a hassle at all and although I’m prone to wanting to fit patterns once I detect them forming, I didn’t really do anything I wouldn’t have otherwise. This year, I wore 168 unique scents from 63 different brands. Perhaps unsurprisingly, most of these fell in the “Floral” category. I’m not sure if I was hoping to find my preferred genre from this exercise, but the stats are mostly artifacts as I wore a lot of samples, many of which I didn’t even particularly like, and Fragrantica’s categorizations seem pretty arbitrary sometimes (and often nonexistent for newer fragrances). Within the “Amber” category, my most-worn subcategory was “Amber Floral.”

Yes, I like flowers in my perfumes. Rose and osmanthus. I’ve grown to love iris/orris this year. Other flowers as supporting characters or in a well-blended bouquet.

*Amber included: Amber, Amber Floral, Amber Fougère, Amber Spicy, Amber Vanilla, and Amber Woody.
Aromatic included: Aromatic, Aromatic Aquatic, Aromatic Fougère, Aromatic Green, and Aromatic Spicy.
Chypre included: Chypre Floral and Chypre Fruity.
Citrus included: Citrus and Citrus Aromatic.
Floral included: Floral, Floral Aldehyde, Floral Fruity, Floral Green, and Floral Woody Musk.
Woody included: Woody, Woody Aromatic, Woody Chypre, Woody Floral Musk, and Woody Spicy.

This year of cautious optimism has also turned out to be one of time distortion, as I look back on events and can’t always remember which ones happened this year versus past years. In many ways it was insular for me, as we did not travel very far or for long at a time. We were able to enjoy the moment on a smaller scale.

I’ve watched more old shows than new ones; same with books. I spiraled into a material-focused frenzy that climaxed around Thanksgiving, consisting of scouring online selling sites for clothing and accessories that have been discontinued for years because either I have not found anything better since they were current way back then or I did not know about them until recently. I’d like to think I’ve finally—after a disproportionate amount of time and effort spent—got everything I’ve been looking for now that is able to be found in current circumstances, and am ready to embark on a no-buy for non-essentials in January 2023.

We just got back from a winter holiday in Arizona to visit extended family. I love the desert landscapes—the saguaros, yuccas, agave plants, cholla cacti, prickly pears, shaggy bark juniper trees… the pines and cedars are alright as well. I tried to sniff some of them but they tended to keep their odors to themselves.

Saguaro cacti at the Superstition Mountains
“Soap yucca” plant in Sedona
Shaggy bark juniper in Sedona

Again, no New Year’s resolutions per se for 2023, but I would like to sweat the small stuff less and get out more.

Happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year to all!

Tree cholla cactus in Sedona

4 thoughts on “A perfumed year: 2022 retrospective

  1. May 2023 bring you happiness, health, joy & peace to you & yours, including all your readers.

    I’m planning something along the lines of what you did in 2022 & OH did over advent combined with Portia’s Thunk It project. I cleared out my “dump it” room over Chrimbo Limbo & part of that was creating a box of labelled samples & almost empty decants. The box is printed with a fabulously extra green malachite print to give the whole plan a little extra beauty.

    Each day I hope to blind lucky dip a vial & wear the whole of it during the day & evening. The plan includes using Fragrantica to record the wear & any notes I get the urge to record. This will be a distraction & something personal to save me from the stress induced freeze I’ve found myself in during 2022.
    Anyone interested can see how I’m doing on Fragrantica where my name is my usual Alityke

    Good wishes to all x

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    1. Happy New Year, Alityke! Your project sounds like a great adventure. I think I’ll start off the year joining you all in prioritizing “thunking” samples, although I’d been pretty good (a.k.a. OCD) about using those up over the last year so don’t have many left, and some are strong extraits (I’m not a fan of this trend of making everything in extrait form…) so I probably won’t finish each of those in a single day. Let’s see how far we get!


      1. I’ve already found I couldn’t drain 2mls in a day so I’ve put the half used sample back in the box. It can then be chosen again at a later date to see if my views have changed or if different weather conditions change how it wears.
        Today’s sample was HdP 1876 Mata Hari. Meh with 10 hr longevity. Perfect disguise perfume for a female spy

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