#smellfie for International Fragrance Day 2023

Today, March 21, is International Fragrance Day, and finally I’m doing it right by being in my own #smellfie and taking it myself to boot. It was trickier than it might look, so unfortunately the label is not in focus here, but the perfume is Atelier Materi Cacao Porcelana, a new purchase that I opened just for this purpose. I really enjoyed my sample of this cool, smooth chocolate scent refined by jasmine, and as I was still thinking about it 2 months later, I decided to buy a bottle.

This year’s inspiration from The Perfume Society is “finding the new you” through your fragrance. I’ve spent the last decade or so getting to the current me, so I’m not quite ready to find another new me just yet. Perhaps a newer me can be more quickly decisive about buying or not buying fragrances.

I have written before about some memories associated with the long-discontinued The Body Shop Amorito, at the turn of the millennium. It, too, was a chocolate-jasmine perfume (that could represent an “old me”). When I first encountered Cacao Porcelana by perfumer Marie Hugentobler, I thought it might be a more grown-up replacement for Amorito (hence, representing a “new me”). Not that I peg my olfactory identity on either chocolate or jasmine as fragrance notes, as I don’t usually like fragrances in which they are dominant.

As chance would have it, I recently found a bottle of Amorito on eBay and bought it without a second thought—and then I bought Cacao Porcelana. So, now I have both, but I have not gotten around to wearing them as of this writing.

Soon, though, I will. Happy International Fragrance Day!

4 thoughts on “#smellfie for International Fragrance Day 2023

  1. That is a very clever shot! Well done.
    I like the mirrored steam punk specs very much too. The off beat brings me joy. I
    I did my #smellfie on IG with an apparently d/ced classic Chanel, Cristalle EdT.
    I’m still not convinced about chocolate in perfumes & I have no memory at all of that Body Shop one.


    1. Thank you! I think I share your love for the offbeat. I got to smell Cristalle once at a Chanel section in Saks and remember it being icy and elegant.
      Amorito may have been short lived, as were many other Body Shop offerings.


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