Duality you can dial up (Davana Cèdre by LilaNur Parfums)

Today’s exploration is of Davana Cèdre by a relatively new brand, LilaNur Parfums, which aims to tell the story of India through some of its native ingredients. The discovery set I purchased arrived yesterday and I was impressed by the mostly paper and well thought out packaging, including the vivid complementary colors of the box (each a deliberate choice by the brand as part of the story).

I decided to experience Davana Cèdre by perfumer Honorine Blanc without any preconceptions and look up the full list of notes only after I had made my own observations. I was so sure that it opened with orris, flanked by carrot and, of course, cedar. This prominent, eponymous wood feels like it’s in the form of a finely sanded board—I can sense both the remnant dust and the satin sleekness of the board. This rooty, woody medley is soon followed by a scent akin to unripe fruit; slightly tart, plummy, but not sour. Also not boozy the way I would expect davana to be.

The blend is creamy and smooth in the way of a fine powder. To reinforce this texture, the aroma also rises from the skin in a waft of ground grains, perhaps like oatmeal—a wholesome impression.

The initially slightly green fruit ripens on skin with time. I went to the gym in the late afternoon and found that it ripens even more with heat! At this point there is a faint sweetness and it’s not clear who is providing it, the davana or the cedar.

Davana Cèdre did not change much beyond that for me, so I looked up its description, and was surprised that the orris is apparently all in my head, as is the carrot. However, a root is present by way of angelica, which makes sense as it is fairly bright and woody, complementing the headline ingredients well. Other supporting notes include pink pepper, cassis, and musk. Although pink pepper is one of my favorite ingredients (and notes) in perfumery, I did not pick it up with my nose; nor the cassis. However, I can believe it once I’ve been told.

In the drydown, Davana Cèdre fades into a musky sheen—it feels as though there is something glossy about it before surrendering to the shadows of the hero notes. All in all, I appreciate the duality and simplicity of the presentation, creating an interesting effect by harmonizing two plants.

6 thoughts on “Duality you can dial up (Davana Cèdre by LilaNur Parfums)

  1. I haven’t watched the Persolaise video yet.
    I do like the premis of perfumes to represent the Indian subcontinent but very few I’ve tried have pleased my nose. The only one I have enjoyed is NVC Trayee.
    I may have a bit of an explore of LilaNur in due course

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    1. Might have better luck with the essential oils or absolutes of the raw materials than with the perfume interpretations then. My favorite of the NVC perfumes I’ve smelled so far is Ashoka.


      1. I have played with essential oils 30+ years ago. Certain oils were very much part of the nursing armoury when I worked on Infections Diseases. In my olfactory memory I struggle to disassociate their scents from work.
        For example, peppermint & geranium oils are the smell of migraine & tea tree the olfactory landscape of chronic sinusitis.

        I’ve avoided raw materials & aroma chemicals to avoid similar occurring with them. Also I like the alchemy of perfumery, the magic of it all. I’m reluctant to lift the curtain & see the machinery. Is that weird?


        1. I’d probably avoid them too if I had those associations. I’m not a fan of medicinal-smelling aromatics in general. Used a lot of Mentholatum for bug bites, etc. as a child.
          I’m the same way about preferring the magic with some things, such as skin care… but with perfume somehow I can’t help wanting to know at least a little bit!

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