Eau de writer’s block

It turns out that when one writes more about perfume than about any other topic, not having new perfumes at hand correlates with not having much to say on one’s blog for a stretch of time. I may have had some vague ideas of writing about my growing slinky collection, but when I caught a cold a few weeks ago, vague ideas became no ideas.

Then I spiraled into another phase of purging my stuff, both physical and digital—and that puts me in a distinct and by now very familiar mental zone, one that isn’t very conducive to writing. I suppose the only discovery I made that is worth mentioning is that my memory is better than I gave it credit for.

Good writing is clear thinking made visible.

Meanwhile, this fortune from a cookie has been sitting on my desk, admonishing me: “Good writing is clear thinking made visible.” My thinking was certainly not clear. I came across an old piece of advice that to overcome writer’s block, you should talk to a monkey. Tell a stuffed animal what you’re really trying to say. Well… by this point I wasn’t even sure I wanted to say anything at all.

During this period, I wore Amouage Reflection 45 Man and Frédéric Malle Angéliques sous la Pluie a lot, with the goal of using up my sample vial and mini bottle, respectively. I found I had a hard time describing them. Reflection 45 Man had a very specific smell, yet I couldn’t come up with any identifying words for it beyond ambiguous terms such as salty, peppery, musky… maybe some iris. To my chagrin, I did not recognize the listed notes of lavender, benzoin, juniper, clary sage… or any of the florals, woods, or resins. I was relieved to finish the vial.

Angéliques sous la Pluie was one I liked, but I felt like I was missing something by reducing it to descriptors like “gin” and “musky.” However, I wasn’t as far off in this case, as the brand provides notes of juniper berries, pink pepper, bergamot, angelica, cedar, and white musk. It’s more… transparent (pun intended).

And here is my slinky collection. I’ve had the middle ones for many years and recently bought “The Original Giant Slinky” and “World’s Smallest Slinky” to complete the assortment.

Spoiler: the extreme sizes are not as ergonomic as the regular ones, which are still the best fidget toys.

9 thoughts on “Eau de writer’s block

  1. Hopefully you’re feeling better now. Impressive slinky collection. I frequently struggle to find the words at the keyboard but then they seem to flow so well when I’m in bed. Sigh…


  2. I love your slinky collection and I happily anticipate any post from you, including your animal sketches.


  3. All things in life ebb & flow. Quite literally as we are influenced by the stages of the moon & tides. We are largely water after all.
    That’s it on the science pseudoscience & philosophy from me.
    I’ve sometimes gone years without overthinking my perfume. Usually because some other passion has overtaken me, life has become too busy or too stressful.
    The passion for smelly things will come back, as will the urge to write.
    If you want to write about & photograph your slinkies, do it?
    Great slinky display btw. Posing them perfectly must have brought you great satisfaction x


    1. I like the logic about water! Hope you are feeling much better.
      I don’t worry about not writing if I’m preoccupied with other things, but sometimes I want to write because it’s an outlet and reset for me, even without much to say.
      The slinky posing was a fun distraction. One of the twins didn’t like to stay in the arched position but managed for the photo shoot.

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  4. Very nice slinky collection! Sometimes it’s nice to take a step back from perfume writing and, for that matter, wearing perfume. I’ve never tried that line of Amouage extraits. I do enjoy Angéliques sous la Pluie, though. Certainly, it’s like a gin and tonic. I find it similar to Juniper Sling from Penhaligon’s or perhaps a more pared-back version of the brand’s French Lover.


    1. Thanks! I haven’t gotten to the point of wanting to step back from wearing perfume yet. I enjoy French Lover as well, and hadn’t thought of the similarity, but they do share a bright, crisp opening.

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