A green puzzle for St Patrick’s Day!

Christmas / Mardi Gras / St Patrick’s Day sweater!


Happy St Paddy’s Day!

I could talk about how I made my first synthetic green leaf accord yesterday (by following a demonstration formula!), or wax poetic about my love for floral chypres—one of which I’m wearing!— but instead, I made a little crossword puzzle.

Have fun!




2. Red flower that pairs well with geranium and adds pique to a chypre

5. Part of a plant that usually makes you think “green”

7. Key ingredient of a chypre

8. Lily-of-the-valley

9. Short-lived perennial herb with natural antidepressant effects (2 words)



1. Extract of leaves and green twigs of the bitter orange tree

3. Funky herb, good in pizza and perfume alike

4. Woody, perennial herb associated with memory and remembrance

5. Green citrus whose smell is closely mimicked by Citral

6. Inflorescence commonly known as a fruit


Herein lies the solution.






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