This, Too, Shall Pass

sand through my fingers

Proud to say, I have taken my first baby steps in the world of synthetic perfumery!

With an introductory kit of 52 aromachemicals, this world is literally at my fingertips… I jest, as it’s hardly a fraction of a real “perfumer’s organ.” Not even close to the ratio of a mini toy piano to a concert piano. Still, the possible permutations and combinations are enough to keep this beginner’s mind boggled, at least for today.

Did I attempt a lush chypre? A sensuous rose? A woody, leathery, spicy…?


Quite the contrary. I started with something I wouldn’t normally go for—something blue, and green, and deliberately transient. I wanted to create artwork to combat my inner cacophony of static-noise anxiety and discongruous emotions. It might as well serve its purpose through the very obvious sensory associations:

  • Blue ocean waves washing over;
  • Fresh green leaves blowing in a crisp wind,
  • Smoothened by sheer musks, giving way to
  • Warm, comforting lavender and brightening orange.

This, too, shall pass.


For the marine blue, I maxed out the Ultrazur® and used undecavertol to bridge to the green notes. I used some fresh, lighter florals—Florhydral® and ethyl linalool—to bridge the green notes to the musks. I thought cyclamen aldehyde might segue into the lavender and orange, so I gave it a try. For the orange, I chose warmer, sweeter ingredients—orange terpenes, auralva (an interesting one), and added a little bit of neroli essential oil.



It turned out much more like a spa or shower gel scent than I had anticipated. Maybe a room mist for the bathroom. The top notes are certainly green. The lavender-orange drydown is quite pleasant, with a hint of blue, and it feels like a fine mesh of musk is holding it all together.

For sure, it needs time to mature and blend better together, so that the notes (especially the essential oils) don’t separate on the skin.


[Commentary on March 23, 2019]

Definitely a flop. I’ve had feedback that it smells like a dirty aquarium (although I don’t find it so unpleasant), and the excess of Ultrazur is to blame—it’s the only note that remains after all the others have evaporated much too quickly. The lavender does not really fit into the marine and green scheme. This bad fragrance, too, shall pass…






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