Is your perfume a part of you, or something you carry?

many, many shoes

Perfume is, in a manner of speaking, an accessory. It’s a little extra thing that you put on to feel better and to present yourself better to the world. It’s something you “wear,” but it’s also supposed to mesh with you and become part of your “aura.” After all, when it comes to sharing your own natural scent, on a hot day when you’re bursting in sweat you have no choice in the matter.

Usually when I put on a perfume, it becomes a part of me for the day. Recently, though, I’ve encountered perfumes that feel more like a new handbag, or a shawl, or some other fancy accessory I’m not used to carrying. Ormonde Jayne’s Rose Gold, in particular, struck me as such.

Maybe it’s the structure, or the composition. It feels very neat and sophisticated, but not really intimate. It perches politely on me, rather than enveloping me in its deliciousness.


The good thing is, as far as accessories go, perfume is the most lightweight and least accident prone.






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