Perfumed Alphabet: P is for Patchouli



Patchouli: assertive, truly;

Maligned by associations

With a few contexts unruly.

This cousin of mint, with patience,

Has scented shawls and repelled bugs.

It’s earned its license to smell smug.


A base note commonly employed

In snug fitting with rose and woods,

By all genders it’s been enjoyed.

To like it raw, I wish I could.

Between inky and powdery

Facets, it smells tonic to me.



Patchouli seems to be a note that smells better when mixed with others. I’m not keen on it by itself, but sometimes I’ll sniff something new and be drawn to it, only to find out it’s a rose-patchouli perfume. Like Diptyque Eau Capitale. The note is quite inky and dominant in L’Artisan Parfumeur Voleur de Roses, with nary a drop of real rose, and in Nomenclature holy_wood, via the synthetic patchouli replacer Clearwood®.

Which patchouli perfumes do you prefer?






7 thoughts on “Perfumed Alphabet: P is for Patchouli

    1. Yes, and I love Portrait of a Lady! Psychedelique was interesting and when I wore it some time ago, a coworker liked the patchouli so much that I gave my sample to him. ☺


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