Quietude in quotients


I’m now over halfway through the alphabet as far as perfume ingredient poetry, and am skipping Q because quince will always be a jam to me. A tart, purple jam.

It’s the sixth week of staying at home, and the weather’s been pretty bad in my corner of the East Coast, with lots of rain and wind—a good time to be indoors. Fortunately, the sun’s never too far off, remembering to peek through the clouds at regular enough intervals to remind me that external circumstances are temporal.

As for perfume, I’ve progressed from craving warm-and-cozy to bright, fresh, and assertive territory. I wrote out a formula for a galbanum perfume experiment a few days ago and started blending it while live streaming the incredible Global Citizen One World: Together at Home virtual benefit concert this past Saturday; and am making mods because galbanum is strong stuff. If you’re not careful, it talks loudly over the kinder, floral notes—and most anything else, really.

For the past several days, my desire to bask in my highly satisfying full-bottle perfumes has been overridden by my wish to empty some samples. Today I finished the last of my vials from the Fragrant Portfolio of FZOTIC that I bought in January—the inkiness of Zdravetz and Lampblack complemented some new intellectual challenges presented by work quite well, so that worked out. Not sure I like how “dry woods” has more than once translated into a sweaty, stale body spray odor on me; maybe that’s the lexicon I’ll have to adapt. (As if I haven’t already learned my lesson from Z11 MIP—when I first received the cardboard box in which my sample of that was shipped, I thought it might have been nestled under an actual armpit for a relevant amount of time.)

I also (re)started learning the ukulele this week, on a nice one that I was gifted a few years ago. (I have another, cheap one that I bought before that, which I’ve been using happily as a wall ornament for a couple of years.) Part of me feels a bit bad that I didn’t attempt this wholeheartedly back then, but the more pragmatic part is celebrating that I’m doing it now.

Better late than never—that applies to a lot of things, my friends.






2 thoughts on “Quietude in quotients

  1. Why was your quince jam purple? It’s a yellow fruit, so the darkest I’ve ever seen anything edible made from it was dark orange/light brown. I like to eat it (though, these days what I can usually buy is too sweet).

    It’s warm here where I live, so my cozy perfumes are being neglected for more spring-time selection, galbanum in some of which has a noticeable presence.


    1. Your description of the color is more accurate – my memory was registering the slabs of quince paste as “purplish.”
      Enjoy the spring! (Even from indoors it’s nice to see good weather outside.)


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