Perfumed Alphabet: T is for Tonka

chocolate heart


Is it chocolate? Or a liqueur?

The absolute, I do prefer!

Sharp, juicy, with a fuzzy edge;

To be gourmand, it has not pledged.

Its high dose of sweet coumarin

Renders it somewhat amandine.


Known to mix well with tobacco,

Tonka complements woods also.

I fell in love to my surprise,

A circumstance I could reprise—

But I don’t crave it in perfumes.

It sings a lovely solo tune.



I’d tried a few tonka perfumes (Mugler Angel a long time ago, Commodity Tonka, Le Labo Tonka 25) and not been particularly won over, which is why pure tonka absolute was such a nose-opening wonder for me. Its beautiful auburn color adds to the multisensory pleasure. I don’t currently have any tonka fragrances, but am curious what your favorites are.






2 thoughts on “Perfumed Alphabet: T is for Tonka

  1. Tonka is a part of many of my favorite perfumes, but since I do not know how the ingredient itself smells, I wouldn’t know whether my favorites are representative of it.


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