Perfumed Alphabet: S is for Sandalwood



Ah, rich, milky scent of mysteries,

Enchanting yet holding back some

Secrets from many past centuries—

Sandalwood, how well you’ve become

A favorite base note in perfumes;

Worthy of gracing any rooms.


Of comfort, you murmur to me,

Promising an uplifting end.

Gentle enough that between sleep

And waking, your warm fragrance lends

Charm to otherwise troubled dreams.

Balm for my nerves and soul, it seems.



I’m in a reverie induced by the essential oil of Santalum spicatum from Australia. One day I hope to smell the revered Mysore sandalwood. As for perfume, I must admit Santal 33 by Le Labo is one of my favorites, albeit with a slightly sweaty edge. It reminds me of the rough side of a piece of leather, like one might find on a hipster messenger bag. OK Fine Fragrances SGO (santal aged in a gin-seasoned American oak barrel) strikes me as a milder hologram of that, more laid back. Escentric Molecules Molecule 04 is also interesting, with a metallic facet in the featured single molecule Javanol.

There are so many… what are your favorite sandalwood perfumes?






3 thoughts on “Perfumed Alphabet: S is for Sandalwood

  1. Sandalwood for me is a base player, whose presence I expect in the band but not front stage. I tried different kind of sandalwood (a friendly perfumer sent me several vials for self-education), so I know that just sandalwood isn’t enough for me.
    Perfume that lately was on my mind, SL Santal Majescule. I finished a decant and now thinking of getting an old formulation bottle while I still can.


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