I dream of a getaway (and Rêve d’Escapade by Givenchy)

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Whenever I want you, all I have to do is

—The Everly Brothers, “All I Have to Do Is Dream


It’s week 10 of stay-at-home for me, and by now many of us have probably exhausted the old, explored the new, and done a fair bit of reflecting—each to the extent that one may have felt like it, which for some may be not at all. We have our mental lists of what we miss from before, what we don’t, and what we want to do as soon as we can. (Eat at restaurants! Go to a hair salon!) In the United States, Connecticut and Massachusetts are the last 2 states to ease restrictions.

With the weather getting warm and more consistently sunny than it has been, I’m also getting bitten by the travel bug. It might sound shallow, but I’m admitting it. What better perfume to scratch this itch than Rêve d’Escapade by Givenchy? Translating as “Dream of a Getaway,” launched as an airport duty-free exclusive, now discontinued, this is a gem I’ve mentioned a few times before, but never written a review about.

Rêve d’Escapade is easy to love, with a big fruity opening promising that all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. Somewhat akin to when you lie down to get your hair washed before a trim at the salon. That’s right, just set that heavy head down and trust the person with the shampoo skills…

The fruit happens to be peach, full in body, but it’s wearing a rich garland of florals so it never stands out on its own. No white flowers are listed in the notes, but I would have believed it if they were—it boasts an extroverted bloom similar to another favorite of mine, Le Labo Lys 41, which identifies as “a blend of jasmine, tuberose absolute, and lily” [Oxford comma mine]. Instead, it’s meant to be complemented by rose, woods, and some incense. To me, it stays faithful as a fruity-floral (unaided, I wouldn’t have known to call it a peach-rose).

I barely discern the woody or incense notes, although after a long day of—mostly linear, and in this case that’s a good thing—wear, Rêve d’Escapade settles into something cozy and light, perhaps for a casual drink in the hotel lounge. Mind you, it’s always ready to go back out at the right suggestion.

The scent is very European to me, which might reveal more about my own bias as a frequent, fair-weather (literally) tourist a few years ago. It’s gotten me compliments from (American) coworkers along the lines of being “fresh” and suitable for spring. This was when I used it liberally every day, before I knew it was discontinued—and before I became obsessed with perfume and vowed never to wear the same one 2 days in a row lest I lose my olfactory sensitivity to any of them.

Rêve d’Escapade

One last note: I have experienced firsthand the rollercoaster of joy and disappointment that accompanies reading a ravishing review of a perfume that’s no longer available, so I don’t mean to toy with anyone’s feelings. Nor to claim any ravishment except my own with this fragrance. My current bottle of Rêve d’Escapade was procured after its “limited” run in stores (with some online sleuthing to my other half’s credit), so it should still be available.

Meanwhile, dream on—about whatever your heart desires!

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9 thoughts on “I dream of a getaway (and Rêve d’Escapade by Givenchy)

  1. I don’t even think about a haircut, which isn’t hard since I have long(ish) hair, and I found a tolerable DIY replacement for my monthly root touch-ups. But I do think about traveling more and more: not that our jobs allowed for extensive travels (or we would be willing to leave our cat alone too often), but sudden inability to make that choice of going anywhere made me want to go everywhere.
    Givenchy isn’t a brand on my radar. In all my years of using perfumes, the only perfume from this brand that I liked and owned was Pi. But I’m glad for you that you were able to hunt down your bottle.


    1. Yes, part of it is the reverse psychology of wanting something because it’s no longer a freedom of choice. Coincidentally, Pi is the only other Givenchy fragrance I had and liked – I was captivated the first time I smelled it in a store, but when I started wearing it regularly, it became too sweet for me. Maybe if I were wearing different things instead of the same every day, it would have been better.

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