A rosy perfume for a rosé cruise

This past Saturday, my other half and I went on a “Rosé on the Water” cruise around Boston Harbor—something I came across only one or two days before and booked on a whim. Unlimited rosé for 3 hours, being dressed in pink and surrounded by others dressed in pink; why not give it a whirl?

It’s true: I’ve never seen so much pink clothing all at once in my life. I wish I had a photo to do it justice.

The Spirit of Boston was set up with Instagrammable backdrops, a DJ, pink plastic sunglasses for grabs, stickers, temporary tattoos…

The rosé flowed in quantity, but the selection left something to be desired, although the sparkling prosecco rosé was pretty refreshing.

In any case, I came prepared for a perfume pairing. The choices were narrow—it was too hot (low 80s Fahrenheit/high 20s Celsius) for L’Orchestre Parfum Rose Trombone with its heady rose, vanilla, and rum notes, so I brought Givenchy Rêve d’Escapade, which I’ve mentioned before: a lighter, flirty, peachy rose perfect for warm and breezy days. It did its best to stand up to the ubiquity of a salty (Ambroxan?), dense, plasticky, suntan lotion–like sillage that I haven’t yet identified (but it’s on the street! it’s in the restaurants! it’s on the cruise ship!)

I smell it here, I smell it there;
That note—I smell it everywhere!
Is it designer? Is it viral?
That damned aromachemical!

—My parody of the famous verse from The Scarlet Pimpernel
Rosé and Rêve d’Escapade

So now I am curious to know: What perfume would you pair with a rosé? Any good rosé recommendations? It took me a while to find one I liked, but my current go-to is the cheap-and-cheerful Broadbent Vinho Verde rosé from Portugal. For a non-alcoholic and caffeine-free beverage indulgence, TAZO Passion tea with hibiscus, orange peel, rose hip, and passion fruit flavor is also a nice treat.


9 thoughts on “A rosy perfume for a rosé cruise

  1. Sounds like fun thing to do (though since I haven’t had COVID yet, I still feel unease thinking about a larger group of people together somewhere 🙂 ).
    I developed taste for rose wines last summer. I discovered that nice crisp rose from Alexander Valley vineyard was great on a hot summer evening.

    Other than Dom Rosa by Liquides Imaginaires, perfume that I immediately thought of was Rose Ikebana from Hermès: nice watercolor of a scent that won’t be too much for either a warm day or wine tasting.

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  2. I lost the taste for alcohol over a decade ago. Literally, just didn’t fancy it any more. Oddly a year or so later I was told I had NASH. No wonder my body had stopped me drinking!
    Rose perfumes to match with rose wine? Hmmm, maybe ELDO Rossy de Palma or Diptique L’Ombre Dans L’Eau. Both holiday scents of mine


    1. The body seems to have a way of rejecting what it doesn’t need!
      Both great perfume suggestions. I also have a bottle of L’Ombre Dans L’Eau and enjoy taking it to the beach.


  3. Great photos. That looks like fun. The obvious choice would be Rosé al Dae by Gallagher Fragrances. That one ends up evoking apple pie though. And might be a bit cloying for the heat of summer. Instead, I’d probably go with Dom Rosa by Liquides Imaginaires which pairs a champagne accord with fruity notes and Damask rose. Fizzy and refreshing.

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