Cardamom: exceptions to every rule

Distorted mirror image

Some time ago I realized that I didn’t like cardamom in perfume. It was the ingredient that ruined several spicy fragrances for me, and I thought that was that. However, it’s surprised me a few times now by turning up in the listed notes of perfumes I like:

  • Hongkong Oolong (although it’s apparent in the opening and leaves an incense-like trace in the drydown), a milky tea comfort scent;
  • Rouge Bunny Rouge Incantation, a relaxed, fig tea composition; and
  • Ormonde Jayne Montabaco, a tobacco suede wonderment (which, incidentally, also lists a tea note that I didn’t pick out, but makes sense in retrosniff)

It is interesting that each of these have tea in common, but I must state the obvious that none of them smell anything like chai. Perhaps cardamom works for me as a secret ingredient as long as it stays discreet, under my nose’s radar.

One thought on “Cardamom: exceptions to every rule

  1. I have smelled very different kinds of cardamom. For example the famous La Nuit De L’Homme it smells one way (the way I would expect). But then it smells like spicy and more warm/depthful in other fragrances.

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