A strange, perfumed year: 2021 retrospective

It’s been a strange one, I’ll give it that. For me personally, 2021 was a definite improvement upon the previous year, but it came also with losses. Math is futile here.

I started the year thinking I would venture into vintage perfumery, but I didn’t get far at all with that, unless you count late 1990s throwbacks such as Bulgari Black, Calvin Klein Contradiction, and Gucci Gucci Rush. My antique store diving is much more opportunistic than deliberate, and I tend to encounter novelty plastic Avon bottles with old perfume that’s “turned” rather than any coveted gems. Perhaps, where perfume is concerned, it’s easier to look to the future than the past.

My experimental output also slowed as I reached a plateau (is that so?) on my learning curve, although there are still far steeper parts to climb. I’m not going to make any promises as I don’t feel strongly about pursuing anything in particular right now—but I look forward to seeing how the coming year unfolds.

Wishing all a Happy New Year and rewards for your patience in 2022.

5 thoughts on “A strange, perfumed year: 2021 retrospective

  1. Wishing a happy & healthy 2022 to all.

    I lost the thrill of chasing the new, the costly, the weird & the trendy. Maybe it’s my evolution as a scentaholic or maybe I just decided other things in my life matter more?

    I did revert to cheap thrills that my snobbishness meant I had previously ignored. L’Aimant, Tabu, Chantilly I knew in their vintage forms but discovered their current formulations which are excellent & under £10. Adam Levine & Mauboussin we’re new to me & I was blown away how anything as good as these were so inexpensive.

    Hoping 2022 is a time of global healing

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    1. Thank you, and wishing you happiness and health as well!

      It’s so satisfying to find something good and cheap, isn’t it? I’ve started looking for travel sprays rather than full bottles as a way to have my cake (perfume) and economize on it too.


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