First week of 2022 told in fragrances

Chromachron (Color Time)

Has it really been only a week since the year 2022 began?

It’s felt like longer, with work providing stressors already, not that this is necessarily bad or unexpected. I decided, on a whim, to wear a different fragrance each day this month. Maybe my subconscious was inspired by many of you who created advent calendars last month, and more ambitious projects that went on for the whole year! I’ll start small and commit only to this month for now. Of course, I’m allowing myself to wear other perfumes at night that I’ve already worn.

So far:

Saturday, Jan. 1: Masque Milano Russian Tea—I’d been wanting to try this for a while as part of my quest for a good tea scent. It’s a lovely smoky tea and also surprisingly soapy, reminding me of fragrant bar soaps I used as a child and teenager before discovering the joys of liquid soap and shower gel. I’ve never turned back.

Sunday, Jan. 2: Maison Crivelli Citrus BatiKanga—The bergamot provides a pleasant opening, although I had trouble perceiving the chili pepper note that’s supposed to render contrast. The nuances of vetiver, myrrh, and fenugreek in the base were also lost on me. Probably the least memorable for me in the Maison Crivelli discovery set, most of which I found quite intriguing.

Monday, Jan. 3: Maison Crivelli Bois Datch—Another smoky tea scent that I enjoyed, accentuated by a sharp blackcurrant note punctuated by cinnamon that kept things gritty in an interesting way. Although I didn’t detect the listed papyrus note on its own, I’m sure it contributed to the texture.

Tuesday, Jan. 4: Maison Crivelli Papyrus Moléculaire—I can’t help it; this smells just like Le Labo Santal 33 to me, as I’ve mentioned before. I sprayed some of the latter on my hand to compare the two directly, and Papyrus Moléculaire is drier without the slightly peachy tone of Santal 33. Papyrus and leather are the main notes that I perceive, which tempers the sandalwood.

Wednesday, Jan. 5: Maison Crivelli Lys Sølaberg—This might be my favorite of the set. The quince top note adds a sweetness, but otherwise this is a spicy, woody, pollinated changeling that keeps luring me in with denser notes such as tobacco, guaiac, and mate (the last two not as discernible on their own to my nose).

Thursday, Jan. 6: Having satisfied my ulterior motive of finishing the aforementioned Maison Crivelli samples, I changed gears to a mini vintage that I’d acquired last year, Christian Dior Diorella Parfum. It was comforting in its familiarity, although I couldn’t pinpoint any particular memory; it was most likely a passing acquaintance rather than an old friend. Perhaps it was the reliable peachy floral bouquet that made this association, but I didn’t mesh with the watery melon and cyclamen notes that dominated. It’s also possible that my specimen had gone bad over the years.

Friday, Jan. 7: Masque Milano Dolceacqua Le Donne di Masque—I was instantly captivated by this the first time I tried it, possibly because I’m fairly new to perfumes that feature mimosa. The powderiness felt so elegant, like a light scarf floating on a breeze. However, on subsequent wears, it started to develop a character reminiscent of wet wipes on me, though not too strongly. Fortunately, the heart notes of rose, mimosa, and almond blossom outlast the more watery top notes, and this perfume is fairly calm and drama free.

I hope your year is off to a decent start.

5 thoughts on “First week of 2022 told in fragrances

    1. Thanks, and wishing you a great year as well! I have enjoyed discovering the Maison Crivelli fragrances and the image associations on their website as well—they tell you what notes you are perceiving with each image you select.

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  1. Mimosa, you said? Now I definitely need to try Dolceacqua Le Donne di Masque! 🙂

    It is interesting that for you it’s a project to wear different perfume every day: for me it’s my modus operandi in any given month. Come and see in my next post some of the statistics on the topic.

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