Wood by any other name?

Alice in Wonderland works at the Bob Gasoi Memorial Art Alley, Provincetown, MA, USA

By now, many of the intangible things we were suddenly afraid of when the pandemic first registered in our realities should have either come to pass or subsided… is that right? I don’t mean the real fear of getting sick or losing jobs, as has sadly happened to so many people, but the gnawing worry about not being able to adapt, or to maintain connections and social skills.

Way back when email was becoming more and more accessible, I was still stuck with old-fashioned letter writing, which meant I would return to school after breaks to find that my friends were more caught up with each other during the time apart than I was with them. Then they moved on to social media, while I stubbornly kept to one-on-one exchanges by email—which, again, meant that I was sometimes out of the loop on recent events in their lives. Now, the years have reassured me that I didn’t miss out, and my faith has been restored in another phenomenon captured in the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows:

n. a friendship that can lie dormant for years only to pick right back up instantly, as if no time had passed since you last saw each other.

Today’s choice of fragrance was Essential Parfums Bois Impérial by perfumer Quentin Bisch, from the discovery kit I purchased last year. This one didn’t really resonate with me when I first tried it, but has grown on me after a few wears. It’s “woody,” as its name suggests, but also has the sparkly, musky trait shared by other perfumes from Essential Parfums. It features synthetic Georgywood®, described as woody-ambery, and upcycled Akigalawood®, derived from patchouli. Top notes of basil and Timut pepper provide an edge around the cool, woody structure, which includes rooty vetiver—although I am personally much more drawn to Essential Parfums Mon Vetiver, which elevates this facet to the forefront.

Overall, Bois Impérial is a refreshing, aerated woody scent; very versatile for a range of activities, from working out at the gym to dining out at a restaurant.

4 thoughts on “Wood by any other name?

  1. Nice title! 🙂

    I’m not sure if I missed your previous mentioning of the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows or just forgot about it, but now I want to read it!


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