Perfumes for the depths of winter

Well, by now I seem to have passed the worst of the January “blahs,” just as we are heading into another snowstorm this weekend. This week’s perfume choices were slightly eclectic, but all had some backbone to pair with the managerial hat I needed to wear more than usual.

Monday, Jan. 24: Jacomo Silences—Tough love in a vintage bottle. It gives me a blast of bitter galbanum greenness before lavishing me with soft rose and iris in a honeyed floral bouquet. The green thread continues with oakmoss in the drydown.

Tuesday, Jan. 25: Tauer Perfumes 08 Une Rose Chyprée—A spicy, ambery, citrusy rose that sometimes makes me want a mulled drink. The magic ingredient appears to be cinnamon. I bought my pentagonal blue bottle at Les Senteurs on a trip to London in 2019…

Wednesday, Jan. 26: Jovoy Paris Private Label—This sample vial has lasted me over 2 years. (Also, the Jovoy boutique in London was very generous with samples.) Private Label is leather, patchouli, labdanum, sandalwood, and dry wood, which could be the combined effect of vetiver and papyrus. It might be wearing me instead of the other way around.

Thursday, Jan. 27: Essential Parfums Mon Vetiver—This and Rose Magnetic were my favorites from the Essential Parfums discovery kit I had purchased. I just used up my sample and have a travel spray lined up for when I go back to the office more regularly. The gin accord makes for a sparkly, aromatic opening to an airy, rooty composition, which works wonderfully in warmer weather. This was the first time I wore it in winter, when the air is very dry, and I noticed the musks were very strong, more prominent than I liked. Mon Vetiver is better in more humid conditions, based on my experience.

Friday, Jan. 28: Élisire Extrait Noir—A pliable, cushioned leather with slightly medicinal and rubbery undertones and an ambery drydown. A visual equivalent that comes to mind is one of those faux leather vest jackets with oversized collars that are great for bundling over sweaters in the kind of weather we’re having in the Northeastern United States. Sample from an Élisire discovery set I purchased.

January feels like such a long month, but also like a stone rolling slowly toward a steep slope—once it’s over the edge, the momentum is unstoppable.

Wishing all a good weekend.

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