Rose puzzle

Encountered this today: a Little Puzzle Thing® limited-edition jigsaw puzzle from their Smells series that includes a scratch-and-sniff sticker for each design! It includes “more than 70 pieces” and took my other half and me almost 40 minutes to complete together. (We thought it would take far less time, because a similar puzzle with a picture of popcorn had the caption “ready in 20 minutes.”) But a rose is more complex than popcorn, isn’t it?

The scratch-‘n’-sniff sticker smelled a bit artificial, but succeeded in conjuring a soapy rose scent.

Voilà, the finished “miniature shaped” puzzle. It measures 8.75 inches wide by 8 inches high (22 cm × 20.3 cm). Not a bad diversion for a Friday night!

One thought on “Rose puzzle

  1. Both my vSO and I like jigsaw puzzles but because of Rusty we can’t do it at home. So, usually we buy some murder mystery puzzles for trips with our friends when we stay at a rented house together.

    Great idea for an evening together! Very fitting for the month 🙂 Let me see if I can find something like that…

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