A rosy puzzle for Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s a little puzzle for fellow word nerds and perfume lovers.

2. The part of the rose that bears most of its color
3. Beverage whose fragrance is mimicked in some kinds of roses
4. Inked body art, often featuring a rose design
5. “Every rose has its _____”
9. A very elaborate type of hat that may have a rose or other flowers on it

1. Rosa __________ is also known as “cabbage rose”
6. A cross between 2 different types of roses
7. The color of roses in popular rhyme
8. Meaning of “rose” as a French word, as in the song “La Vie en Rose”
10. This part of the rose is kept long when a single rose is gifted

If the answers aren’t in bloom, here is the solution.

4 thoughts on “A rosy puzzle for Valentine’s Day

  1. Fun! 🙂 Unfortunately, I’ve never been good with English crossword puzzles / so, just 6 out of 10 (theoretically, I could have guessed 2 more had I spent more time not at 2 AM), but the longest two words are not even in my passive vocabulary. Still fun.


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