#smellfie for International Fragrance Day 2022

Today, March 21, is International Fragrance Day. I’m not feeling particularly photogenic these days, and certainly not today after the strong wind had a go at my hair (“March comes in like a lion…”), so my new perfume love Masque Milano Ray-Flection is featured here with a wire stand-in for my #smellfie. Eve™ the Doodles® Woman is still dressed in ribbons from 2 Halloweens ago.

Ray-Flection is well suited for the warmer spring weather with its green-ish mimosa and violet notes, the totality of which smell tea-like to me. I was the first one in a conference room today, and the next person who came in remarked, “Something smells good in here…” so it’s a win.

The blue and yellow are to remind us all to continue supporting Ukraine in any way that we can. They are also the colors for Down syndrome awareness, and today happens to also be World Down Syndrome Day because the alternative name, trisomy 21, means that each cell in the body has 3 copies of chromosome 21.

Be well, be kind, be fragrant.

4 thoughts on “#smellfie for International Fragrance Day 2022

  1. I think you should be kinder to your woman and get her a more spring-appropriate “clothes” 😉

    I need to find my sample of Ray-flection and retry it because I have absolutely no recollection of it smelling of mimosa.


    1. Haha, it took some effort to get those ribbons on and they’re there to stay for the foreseeable future!

      Let me know your verdict – I’m not as familiar with mimosa perfumes but comparing it with my small amount of mimosa absolute, I believe it.


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