Sunshine by proxy (Ray-Flection by Masque Milano)

Winter storm Kenan blasted us in earnest today, but we have been fortunate, as with past storms, not to lose power in our building. I watched more black-and-white films and the 2013 documentary Being Poirot, in which actor David Suchet revisits his 25 years of bringing Agatha Christie’s famous detective to life—an amazing achievement. I believe I’ve watched all of his Poirot episodes except one or two that I couldn’t find online, and despite the formulaic progression of many of the stories, I could never tire of it.

One thing I found very interesting was Suchet’s observation that the voice was integral to the character:

Poirot is not really connected with his emotions. He’s connected with his head. And therefore, I decided to give him a head sound.

Now, I’m wondering whether our own voices change perceptibly when we are thinking with our heads versus our hearts…

Today’s fragrance was Masque Milano Ray-Flection—I had received a sample of it in my ScentXplore 2021 goodie bag and bought a bottle after only one wear. To me, it’s tea and dried fruits, and it makes me happy.

Funnily enough, neither tea nor fruits are listed as notes, except for mandarin essence. I think I smell blackcurrant bud, but it’s probably the violet leaf toying with the mimosa. I see cardamom listed, but I don’t detect it. If this is meant to be an “alien flower,” as the creative minds at Masque Milano have determined, I believe it. It’s nothing I can dissect; all I can do is surrender to the enjoyment of this creation.

Ray-Flection by perfumer Alex Lee is Act IV, Scene II of the OPERA collection. The mimosa is meant to be “basking in the sun and melting into honey” by way of beeswax absolute in the base, accompanied by cedar and musk. This isn’t the honeyed floral I’ve gotten used to expecting from the gentle heart phase of some vintage perfumes—to me, it’s a bundle of fruits and flowers that have been sitting in the sun all day, and the heat has concentrated their aromas.

A perfect antidote to the whiteout conditions that left us with over a foot of snow.

10 thoughts on “Sunshine by proxy (Ray-Flection by Masque Milano)

  1. I should try this perfume! I have 3 strong favorites from the line (and one like), so there’s a good chance this one will work for me.

    I watched (I think) all episodes of Poirot at least twice, some more. It’s one of my favorite series, which is a little surprising because the character is not my favorite human being – and still. Great actor, in my opinion.

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    1. Even Agatha Christie couldn’t stand him after a while! He would be intolerable to know in real life, but the show is a treat. I liked the early ones the best, with the whole crew—Hastings, Japp, and Miss Lemon. Good times.

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      1. I’ve read and watched so many mysteries in my lifetime that now I rarely get any where I don’t figure out the plot. I’m not complaining, I’m bringing it up because it means that I can re-watch the same show multiple times if I like actors and the scenario because knowing the end isn’t something that would spoil it for me 🙂

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        1. I wish I could say the same, but I still am most often stumped until the end. Especially with ones where they don’t reveal key information until the theatrical summary with everyone in the room being accused in turn.

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          1. I want to smack them every time they do it. And in RL I would not have tolerated that 🙂
            Have you watched Death in Paradise TV show? It’s built a similar way (the reveal part) though less annoying than with Poirot.


            1. That’s integral to most episodes, though! David Suchet also said that if Poirot weren’t a detective, he might have been a great actor.
              I haven’t seen Death in Paradise—I’m so out of the loop with many modern TV shows. Just got an earful (email-ful) from my coworkers today for never having watched Schitt’s Creek!


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