Animals and perfume—which ones mix?

Halloween was a quiet affair for us, as it tends to be. Perhaps the older I get, the more I appreciate how it brings people together in a bit of costumed fun. So, although we did not go out, we participated in the spirit of it by repurposing the paper masks my other half had made a few years ago.

I had just bought a bottle of vintage Lancôme Magie Noire thinking it would suit the occasion, but upon first try it was too heavy on lily-of-the-valley for my taste. Instead, I ended up wearing a sample of strangelove lostinflowers, which to me reads tropical and gothic at the same time (ylang-ylang, marigold, champaca) with a slightly marine animalic component.

A couple of days ago, my workplace brought puppies from a local shelter in again, and I happened to be wearing Masque Milano Ray-Flection, an aldehydic mimosa perfume advertised as a “fluorescent, sparkling, alien flower.” To me, it also smells like blackcurrant. The puppies jumped on my coworkers left and right and licked their faces with enthusiasm, but every time I tried to pet them, they walked away from me. Either they didn’t like the alien flower or they picked up on a phantom cat-piss aspect… I’ll never know!

(Last time, I was wearing Ormonde Jayne Montabaco Intensivo and they didn’t seem to mind.)

For those of you with pets, have you found that they don’t like certain fragrances? Or love other ones?

8 thoughts on “Animals and perfume—which ones mix?

  1. Great masks!

    Rusty didn’t mind my perfumes when he was younger. And he had an obsession with perfume that one of our friends wore (I wrote about it many moons ago: ). But with years passed, he started avoiding stronger scents. If I pick him up while testing something on my wrists, he runs away and starts clearing. But in general he seems fine with me wearing perfumes – just not on my wrists.

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    1. That is interesting that Rusty seems to have developed a more sensitive nose with age. I wonder if he would react the same way or differently if he smelled one of his old favorites again.


  2. I can’t say my very nose led cockapoo pays much attention to my perfume. He’s never known anything but a scented hoomum, so it doesn’t deflect from my essential “mummy” smell.

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