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My perfume “pourquoi story”

Like many perfumistas, I’ve always worn and liked perfume, but wasn’t very picky and usually owned only one bottle at a time. In other areas of life, if I liked something very much, eventually I would feel the compulsion to find out exactly how it was made, and this happened with perfume one day—rather suddenly and unexpectedly.

I suppose it all started subconsciously with ego, by way of the thought that I should start being a bit more discerning and maybe look for a perfume that could help me better express myself. Where to begin this exploration?

December 2018, on my first visit to Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, I came across the shop Things Finer in the historic La Fonda Hotel and had my first encounter with niche perfumery. Not satisfied with becoming just a next-level consumer by discovering the what, I also found a new passion to create by learning the how.

what happened next

19 thoughts on “TEMET NOSCE

      1. I saw a bunch of wordpress symbols running along the bottom of your page…. thought it was a design typo…. then realized they all lead to hidden pages that have nothing to do with fragrance B)


        1. Hmm, not sure why the icons appear like that. I started this blog back in 2015 before I became obsessed with fragrance (similar to your story, I guess), but soon ran out of things to write about—that is, until perfume revitalized it!

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          1. now i’m afraid I will run out of fragrances to write about! But I just ordered 11 more Aftelier samples. Weird how she keeps coming up today!

            I think I found your fantastic blog while trying to see if anyone else was doing fragrance poetry or if I was the first. I think I wasn’t the first, but at the same time we are not really doing it in the same way B)

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            1. I try not to do too many straight-up fragrance reviews unless something drives me about a particular perfume, as I’m more interested in the personal aspect of these blogs.
              You are the only one I know who writes poetry based on specific perfumes, so I think you own the space!

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              1. Honestly sometimes I look at what I’m doing and think it’s kind of silly, but then a lot of people seem to like it so I press on 😂

                I especially liked your A-Z series but I think that can be hard to keep writing about. And now that I’ve found your art, I really like that, too.

                Do you do a lot of interaction on here? Use tags when you post?

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                1. It’s a fresh way to think about perfumes—definitely keep doing it! 🙂
                  I’m glad you liked the Perfumed Alphabet series. It is hard to keep up because while the first few were more led by free association, I got pulled into wanting to describe the ingredients, which becomes more dry.
                  So far I’ve only used a few tags, because I don’t want to end up with a huge word cloud of random tags and lose track, but maybe I should use more.

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                  1. I only use a handful of basic tags (perfume, poetry, writing, love etc). But I use them on every post. Because, as you probably know, if you don’t have some basic tags on your post, most likely no one will find them.

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              2. Also you inspired me to look up what TEMET NOSCE means. Also, other than the translation, the next most popular result is The Matrix. So I can only wonder how big of a Matrix fan you are 😉

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                  1. Yes but apparently not as big as you are! I had to google Merovingians and actually googling it didn’t help. But I had a feeling you were in the sleek black dress. Very Matrix-ish. VERY Trinity-esque.

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