Moi Non Plus, Mon Amour


We’re complex human beings, you and I.

At any given time, our heads are filled with permutations of thoughts, curiosities, hopes and dreams, worries and doubts, replays of events, to-do lists… or zoned out in that happy void of “nothing” (which seems to be more of a guy thing).

–But right now, I don’t want any of that to get in the way of us enjoying a moment together.

–Me neither, my love.

That’s the sentiment behind Moi Non Plus, Mon Amour—a languid, mutually self-assured conversation in favor of rosy, cozy repose.


[Edited on February 20 and 22, 2019 based on modifications]

As such, it needed elements of relaxation and tranquility, such as lavender, Roman chamomile, and Peru balsam, but these must not be dominant. I wanted to represent two strong personalities in this romantic discourse, and chose oakmoss oud and rose damask jasmine sambac rose damask, accented with barely detectable neroli, sweet basil and nutmeg (for the slightly incompatible quirks we all have, that manage to fade into the background). The scene, more a state of mind than a place or time, is completed by rosewood, labdanum, and oud sandalwood.


Maybe it needs more time to mature before any real verdict can be made. At first, it seems all the ingredients are talking at once.

The Roman chamomile jasmine is an assertive lavender and chamomile wrestle in the top note, complemented by rosewood, and disappears meld quickly. What opens up next is a pleasant mélange of warm florals and spices that dance into a formation of rooibos one minute and cinnamon the next. These—also fleeting—illusions give way to a reassuring, smooth finale of oakmoss and rose damask on a base of oud sandalwood.


–I’m not sure how different this perfume will be a month from now.

Moi non plus, mon amour.






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