Perfumed Alphabet: Q is for Quinoline

Into the dungeon

A sliver of light shines through

Unzip the handbag

Isobutyl quinoline (IBQ) is a powerful, leathery base note that can easily make itself known and outlast other ingredients in a blend. This is a cold, dark, inky leather more reminiscent of hard, functional items like belts and straps than of luxury accessories. It emanates smoky fumes that fit the given description of “aromatic and tobacco-like,” though rubber isn’t far off either. IBQ is allowed at up to 2% concentration in a perfume. It is considered a more “old-fashioned” leather by some, used in chypre compositions.

Interestingly, it also imparts a leathery off-note “like dry hay” to some beers during aging while packaged as a result of oxidation.

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