Perfumed Alphabet: R is for Rose Oxide

Following the nose

Across the water, it found

A dark red petal

Rose oxide smells definitively metallic, reminiscent of blood, and can be viscerally off-putting on its own. No wonder it’s limited to a maximum recommended concentration of 2% in a perfume. It is naturally occurring in rose, emphasizing the sharper aspects of this complex flower (the description includes green, geranium, and spice). In skilled hands, I’m sure it can work wonders. In a vial under my nose, I wonder if it’s the olfactory equivalent of tasting Bitrex, the bitter substance designed to stop people from biting their nails.

2 thoughts on “Perfumed Alphabet: R is for Rose Oxide

  1. I’ve never been a nail biter, so I’m not familiar with the substance you mentioned (other than knowing that it exists), but it was a very powerful comparison.


    1. It’s also used to denature alcohol so people won’t drink perfumes or other products that have it added. I still remember the shock the first time I accidentally tasted perfume (although I don’t remember which perfume it was!)

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